Unsanitary bathroom problems

By Michel Baez Vargas and JonPaul Yee, Clarion Staff

Going to the bathroom is a necessity in everyday life, especially for students at Kennedy who spend about seven hours on campus. However, many students have complained about other students stirring up trouble in the restrooms. 

Many students complain about the lack of toilet paper, paper towels, and soap. Others complain about sanitary problems such as food on the floor, food dumped in the urinals and toilets, inappropriate drawings on the walls, vaping, and paper towels left on the floor. 

ASB addressed the situation with the statement, “… custodians work so hard to keep the bathrooms clean and when they get covered in graffiti and trash, they have to be closed … help us keep the bathrooms open by throwing away your trash into the trash cans and not drawing graffiti on the bathroom stalls.” 

Kennedy students have tried taking the bathroom problem into their own hands. Two months ago, a petition on change.org for cleaner bathrooms, “Better restroom conditions and Sanitation” by the JFK SCC , Safety Concern Committee, was created. As of April 7, 185 people have signed for sanitary conditions. 

Ariana Vang, a junior from Kennedy said, “Our bathrooms are so nasty and dirty. There’s no feminine hygiene in the bathroom and sometimes there isn’t any soap to even wash my hands.” 

Additionally about feminine hygiene, Kaitlin Lee reported on The Guardian that California’s new law, as of 2022-23 school year, menstrual products will be provided to public schools, passed by Governor Gavin Newsom. 

Referring back, mentioned by Vang, not washing your hands during a pandemic is not ideal since bacteria carries around. Going into a classroom after not being able to wash your hands can be harmful for you and the students around you. 

Benjamin Xiong, a junior from Kennedy, gave his two cents on the whole situation, “We are supposed to wash our hands and follow SCUSD safety guidelines, but how are we supposed to follow these guidelines if soap and paper towels are not provided(?)”

As of the time of publication, the Kennedy administration has not yet responded to students’ comments about the bathrooms situation. As for whether bathrooms remain locked or open, it is ultimately up to the students to decide whether the bathrooms are available to them. 

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