Our first “normal” rally of the year

By Maddis Gregson, Clarion Staff Reporter 

Kennedy spring spirit days and rally took place the week following spring break, with a theme of Alice in Wonderland

Throughout the week, the Student Body would come to second period classes to count everyone who dressed up for spirit days. Seniors came in first place with the most spirit points.

The Spring rally was held Friday at Kennedy Stadium, with students seated in the bleachers. The color guard presented for the national anthem to kick off the rally. Following the color guard, there was a game called “rabbit in the hole,” in which two students from each grade partnered together to race to the other side while having their legs tied together, and the Juniors won! 

The rally had two big dance performances by Kennedy school dance clubs. Vibe In Promo (V.I.P.) did an imaginative performance featuring Alice in Wonderland figures like the Mad Hatter, Alice, and the White Rabbit. They also put together their own sound track which included sound clips from the movie itself. The Korean Dance Club (KDC) performed next, which is a smaller dance group of girls with much talent. Next, the Pacific Islander Cultural group performed a lovely traditional dance. 

Then students played Musical Chairs, with two seniors, Marley Canales and Eugene Kim. taking the win together by sharing the chair. Single performers included Thea Seely, Kennedy junior class president, performing a baton twirling act, and senior Kaden Matthews performing an original rap song. The rally ended with Kennedy’s school band playing “Blinding Lights.”

This ended up being a successful rally for our school, especially after everything we have been through together over the past couple of years. It finally feels like things are going back to normal and we can live a COVID free high school life.

Check back for more photos to come!

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