Wellness Fair: Prioritizing students’ mental health

By Emma Bailey, Clarion Staff Writer

The Wellness Fair, hosted by Kennedy’s EQ Ambassadors, supported students, provided resources, and increased mental health awareness by bringing in a variety of organizations. The organizations at the event were Be Bothered, Birth and Beyond, LGBT Community Center, Meadowview Community center, NAMI, OMNI Youth, Pacific Clinics, PRO Youth, Rage Project, Robbie Waters Pocket Greenhaven Library, Rose Family, the Village Advocates. Organizations offered flyers, information about their organization, prizes, and games. EQ Ambassadors, ASSETS, and the Student Support Center were also present at the Wellness Fair to inform students about opportunities on campus to address mental health stigma and how to get involved with after school events. EQ Ambassadors provided music, games, and chalk art. The COVID-19 pandemic and the hardship many students have experienced, has made mental health awareness and access to mental health resources vital now, more than ever. Below is a table linked with resources from organizations at the Wellness Fair and other mental health services.

Student Support Center https://jfk.scusd.edu/node/2807 
Be Bothered 
“Preventing underage alcohol and marijuana use in Sacramento County”
Birth and Beyond
“The Birth & Beyond Collaborative . . . Family Resource Centers are welcoming places offering a range of services, activities, and opportunities that respond comprehensively to the needs and hopes of local residents and families.”
LGBT Community Center
“a dedication to always be a place where LGBTQ+ people are safe, welcome, and needed, working in unison to create a better tomorrow for the region’s LGBTQ+ people.”
“NAMI Sacramento is a grassroots organization that provides a community of support, education, resources and outreach activities to families, friends and persons with mental illness so as to improve their general welfare, and to reduce the stigma of mental illness.”
OMNI Youth
“Omni Youth Programs mission is to create strong families, develop youth leaders and engage the community to prevent youth alcohol, marijuana & other drug use.”
Pacific Clinics
¨Pacific Clinics serves children, transitional age youth, families, adults, and older adults. We offer a full range of mental and behavioral health services, foster care and social services, housing, continuing adult education and early childhood education programs to Medi-Cal eligible individuals and families.¨
PRO Youth
¨PRO creates safe spaces for youth to discover who they are, explore topics that impact their daily lives, cultivate skills, and develop into leaders and change-makers for their communities.¨ 
Rage Project
¨We focus on building leadership capacity in ways that all of us can move through the trauma of racism and oppression to individual and collective transformation & growth.  Our services are provided in the following ways: consulting, coaching, and community¨
Robbie Waters Pocket Greenhaven Libraryhttps://www.saclibrary.org/Teens 
Meadowview Community Center Programs
Rose Family
¨combats social and cultural poverty through arts and education programs that help equip and empower our children and families to succeed and thrive.¨
Village Advocates
“advocating for black and brown youth, marginalized and disenfranchised youth or simply the underrepresented youth & families addressing the systems that hinder their growth, behavior, health & educational success. Bridging the Gap..Building Community One Village at a time.”

Information about mental health services and hotlines below

Learn more: https://www.youthdevelopmentscusd.org/programmanual

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