Do Students Need Lockers?

By Leilani Jeanpierre, Clarion News Editor and Robert Donaldson, Clarion Staff Reporter In the past Kennedy has used  lockers every year. During my freshman year, my locker was super useful. During lunch I had put all my books ,P.E clothes, and snacks that I didn’t want to carry around in my locker. Most students at Kennedy have also found lockers useful. Before the school shut … Continue reading Do Students Need Lockers?

The banning of books limits students’ knowledge about history

By Michel Baez-Vargas, Clarion Staff Reporter The banning of books has always been a controversial topic, and recently with the well known graphic novel, Maus, by Art Spiegelman.  Maus, first published in 1980, is a nonfiction story set during the Holocaust with Jews depicted as mice and Nazis as cats.  According to McMinn’s County Board of Education Meeting on January 10th, 2022, in Tennessee this … Continue reading The banning of books limits students’ knowledge about history

Opinion: Split lunch equals split school

By Gerardo Lopez, Clarion Staff Reporter In 2019, John F Kennedy High School introduced two separate lunches due to an excessive amount of fights at that time. While the separate lunches seem to have reduced fights and given everyone a chance at getting lunch by shortening the lunch lines, they also caused problems such as separating students from their friends, disrupting club schedules and causing … Continue reading Opinion: Split lunch equals split school

Senior Ball Recap

By Andres Luevano, Clarion Sports Editor Senior Ball was held Friday, May 20, at the Kimpton Sawyer hotel. This was the first Senior Ball for Kennedy Seniors since 2019.  The original start time was 6pm, but due to AP testing, the student body decided to change the start time an hour later. Students got the announcement through the jfk.updates Instagram and the bulletin announcements in … Continue reading Senior Ball Recap

Human trafficking in Sacramento

By Lily Rusk, Clarion Editor in Chief and Nikole Farina, Clarion Staff Reporter Human trafficking is not an otherworldly term to us teenagers, yet teens aged 11-14 are at a higher risk to be sexually exploited and are not educated nearly enough. From a young age, we are taught about the dangers of the outside world.  We are told about “stranger danger”, and to be … Continue reading Human trafficking in Sacramento

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Presenting the Senior Wills for the Class of 2022…

Michael Ainger I, Michael Ainger, leave Officer Vasquez to the students in Law and Equity. You are very lucky to have her as a teacher. Natalie Armendariz I, Natalie Armendariz, shall leave Johnny and Mr. C as possessions to Ms. Tyler. I shall also leave Kennedy (stuffed Koala) and Angel (stuffed lamb) to Alijah Runner. I will also leave Ms. Elaina to little Elaina, to … Continue reading Presenting the Senior Wills for the Class of 2022…