The Kennedy Clarion was established at John F. Kennedy High School in Fall, 1967, and is written, edited and produced by members of the Journalism/Newspaper class, an A-G elective.  It is available online via JFKClarion.com and social media (@jfkclarion).  The Clarion news source operates as an open forum for student expression, and aspires to tell the ongoing story of Kennedy — and to uphold the ideals of journalism as a public service that keeps citizens well informed about their school, community, and world.  The content of the Clarion reflects the interests and ideas of students, but not necessarily those of Kennedy administration, faculty and staff.

2022-2023 Editor-in-Chief:  Lily Rusk

2022-2023 Managing Editor:  Sadia Patel

2022-2023 Section Editor — News:  Brenda Govea Viramontes

2022-2023 Section Editor — Opinion:  Rachel Nichols

2022-2023 Section Editor — Arts & Entertainment:  Anthony Ruiz-Castellanos

2022-2023 Section Editor — Sports:  Amari Bambao

2022-2023 Visuals Team:  Kaylen Katzorke, Red Morales Diaz, Mickey Nelson

Instructor: Brian Gleason, brian-gleason@scusd.edu

Special Consultant: Chris Wong (Kennedy Class of 2018), Sac State Hornet

Interested in advertising or supporting the Kennedy Clarion?   Write to jfkpublications@gmail.com  The Journalism/Newspaper class meets during P.4a in Room B-12.


Let The Clarion know what you think.  Letters should be 300 words or fewer.  Please include contact information.  The Clarion reserves the right to edit or reject any article, advertisement or illustration deemed inappropriate, including letters to the editor.

Write us via email ~ jfkpublications@gmail.com or submit in person to Room B-12.

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