JFK Robotics Builds Way to Finals, Student Awarded High Honors

By David Yu, Clarion Staff Kennedy’s very own Robotics Team experienced a successful season this year. The team competed in three tournaments during the season. Their first tournament was the Sacramento Regional, which took place at UC Davis. Their second tournament was the Arizona Regional, which took place at Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff. Their third and final tournament was in Idaho, at Boise State … Continue reading JFK Robotics Builds Way to Finals, Student Awarded High Honors

Bombing in Brussels

By David Yu, Copy Editor On the morning of March 22nd, three coordinated suicide bombings occurred in the city of Brussels, Belgium: two at Brussels airport and one at a metro station. In the span of an hour, the attacks claimed thirty-one lives and injured three hundred thirty others. Several hours later, Belgian authorities discovered another bomb in Brussels airport. Fortunately, Belgian authorities handled it … Continue reading Bombing in Brussels

Teen Trap: Young Love

By David Yu, Copy Editor The concept of teenage love is everywhere in today’s culture. From books and movies, such as John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, to music, such as Justin Bieber’s Baby there really is no medium that hasn’t featured teenage love at least once. However, teenage love is overrated and often times outright irresponsible. The most famous example of this is … Continue reading Teen Trap: Young Love

Student Spotlight: Aizhamal Manasova

The Story of the Girl Who’s Traveled 7,000 Miles By David Yu, Clarion Staff John F. Kennedy is a diverse high school that hosts a variety of interesting students from around the world.  One such student, Aizhamal Manasova who traveled 7,000 miles (11,500 km) to attend school in Sacramento agreed to share her experiences in the United States with me. Aizhamal is a foreign exchange … Continue reading Student Spotlight: Aizhamal Manasova

Movie Review: The Martian Red Fever

By Brandon Sayareh and David Yu, Clarion Contributors The Martian mixes wit, science, ingenuity, and disco to create an enthralling movie set on the red planet of Mars. Matt Damon perfectly fits into the role of Mark Watney, a botanist (plant scientist) and engineer who has been thrown into a Robin Crusoe situation and now finds himself stranded on the planet of Mars with just … Continue reading Movie Review: The Martian Red Fever