Unsanitary bathroom problems

By Michel Baez Vargas and JonPaul Yee, Clarion Staff Going to the bathroom is a necessity in everyday life, especially for students at Kennedy who spend about seven hours on campus. However, many students have complained about other students stirring up trouble in the restrooms.  Many students complain about the lack of toilet paper, paper towels, and soap. Others complain about sanitary problems such as … Continue reading Unsanitary bathroom problems

Should JFK have off-campus lunch?

By JonPaul Yee, Clarion Staff Students are encouraged to bring their own lunch from home, however, many students find themselves asking the school, “Why can’t we go home for lunch?” or “Why can’t I go to the nearest food place and bring it back to school for lunch?”  This raises the question whether John F Kennedy should allow their students to have off-campus lunch/outside food. … Continue reading Should JFK have off-campus lunch?

Finals without the difficulties of distance learning

By Giovanni Camacho, Clarion Staff Writer Finals were taken this year in person with the absence of distance learning. With finals week starting on January 24th through the 28th, students took finals in their classes on campus. In 2020-2021, the whole school year was in distance/remote learning due to Covid-19 cases rising in 2020. In that period students took finals not at school but in … Continue reading Finals without the difficulties of distance learning

Teachers and school staff: Strike 2022

By Maddis Gregson, Clarion Staff Reporter  Update: Wednesday, April 6 A week and a half later we are back at school on April 4.  SCUSD, SCTA (the teachers’ union), and SEIU 1021 (non-teaching staff) officially began the strike on Wednesday, March 23. The strike lasted eight school days, with teachers striking and protesting outside of schools during the morning and joining with other schools at … Continue reading Teachers and school staff: Strike 2022

The state of vaping at Kennedy

By Gerardo Lopez, Clarion Staff Reporter Vaping has been troubling school districts since its introduction due to its nature of looking like a pen or sometimes a USB device and also causing adolescents to become addicted to nicotine at a young age. It is a sensitive subject, and something that is not widely mentioned but largely seen. It is widespread at Kennedy, and other schools … Continue reading The state of vaping at Kennedy