Let’s Interact!

By Leticia Esparza, Clarion Staff Interact club does not only find its home on the Kennedy campus, but on campuses around the world, such as in China, India, and South Africa. After gaining adviser approval from Kennedy English teacher Mr. Phanthai, the Rotary Club of Pocket-Greenhaven chartered the club and was finally established on campus in February 2013 by Daniel Li, Interact’s founding club president. … Continue reading Let’s Interact!

Kennedy Girls Unite In Power

By Leticia Esparza, Clarion Staff One of the newest clubs on the campus is Girls United Club.   The mission of the club is to inform and educate Kennedy students as well as raising awareness on women’s issues in modern society through various activities. Girls United was started by a group of students who formed a cabinet and mission before they found an advisor aptly suited for … Continue reading Kennedy Girls Unite In Power

Movie Review: Why Him?

By Leticia Esparza, Clarion Staff John Hamburg created a movie starring Bryan Cranston, Zoey Deutch, and James Franco, about an overprotective father played by Cranston who travels all the way to California to visit his daughter at college, where she meets her boyfriend, a smiling scoundrel named Laird Mayhew (Franco). Franco, who has been cast as a mischievous flake in numerous roles before, excels in … Continue reading Movie Review: Why Him?

MCJROTC, A Disciplined Program

Note: This story is part of Freshmen POV: Kennedy Small Learning Communities As freshman, high school can be confusing. A new school, more students, and honestly, it’s really stressful. Coming to this school, we weren’t aware of the amazing and beneficial academies Kennedy High School provided. By Leticia Esparza, Clarion Staff When I hear ROTC, I think of two things: Discipline and Respect. MCJROTC (Marine Corps … Continue reading MCJROTC, A Disciplined Program