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Jianna Beasley

Jianna, perhaps more commonly known by peers as "the girl who draws good", or probably not known at all. While she tends to be very quiet and reserved around strangers, her personality can do a complete 180° when she's with her friends, becoming quite rambunctious and outgoing. Her main hobbies include listening to music, procrastinating, watching cartoons and of course, art.
Jianna has been honing her artistic abilities since she could first grasp a crayon, and soon became more serious about her skill once she discovered other artists on the internet and drew a lot of her inspiration from the Japanese cartoons known as 'anime' as well as other American cartoons. Her talent lies in computer technology as well as creating artwork, both digitally and traditionally. She aspires to become a graphic design artist or an animator at a cartoon company in the near future, after she goes to college to receive her degree.


By Karissa Jones, Clarion Staff Many people know and love memes, but through the years they have evolved into something bigger and better. The word meme came from Richard Dawkins in a […]