Featured Athlete: Kiana Lee

By Alex Ng, Chief Photographer The John F. Kennedy student body is proud to hold an amazing sports program that features many talented student athletes, who not only perform on the field, but off the field as well. Most notably, The Clarion wishes to recognize a student that has shown exemplary talent in softball, Kiana Lee, who has not only been admitted to UC Davis, but … Continue reading Featured Athlete: Kiana Lee

Human Trafficking and Sexual Abuse in Sacramento

by Alex Ng, Chief Photographer The subject of sex trafficking and sexual abuse seems foreign to many on campus. The overall marketing of a human being and their body, to be exploited for nefarious, downright cynical purposes, it seems like such a far-gone action. It is easy to think that nothing as ludicrous as that could ever occur in Sacramento. However, Sacramento is ranked #1 … Continue reading Human Trafficking and Sexual Abuse in Sacramento

Students’ Poetry Excites, as They Recite

By Alex Ng, Chief Photographer Kennedy has always demonstrated exemplary talent in the national poetry competition, Poetry Out Loud. Ramona Sovereign in 2011-2012, Henry Molina in 2012-2013, Jibril Kyser in 2013-2014, Alena Dillon in 2014-2015, and Kaitlyn Kui in 2015-2016 moved on from the school competition to compete against numerous students from other schools around the area. This year’s school-wide competition at Kennedy showed no … Continue reading Students’ Poetry Excites, as They Recite