Holiday of the Week: Like Limericks?

By Christopher Wong, Chief Editor The reason to smile today Limerick Day, shout hooray! Though quite inconsequential But a teeny bit special I don’t have permission from Jose.   Today, […]

Happy National Landline Telephone Day

By Christopher Wong, Chief Editor Hold the phone. Today, March 10, is National Landline Telephone Day. The holiday celebrates the invention of the landline telephone, which was successfully tested for […]

The Wall Around Our Restrooms

By Christopher Wong, Chief Editor Kennedy is home to thousands of human teenagers, and all human beings have normal bodily functions, one of those being the need to use the […]

Thomas Crapper Day, Royal Flush

By Christopher Wong, Chief Editor January 27th is Thomas Crapper Day. Although Thomas Crapper is thought to have invented the flush toilet, in reality he had a minor impact in […]

Free Shipping Day

Online shopping offers many luxuries to shoppers, offering many items to choose from and ease of searching for exactly what to buy. However, online shopping comes with a downside, shipping. […]

The World According to Sly

By Christopher Wong, Chief Editor The Clarion had the opportunity to talk to one of Kennedy’s longest-serving campus monitors, Sly Shelton to help answer often-asked questions from students on our campus about […]