Tats for Teens

By Savannah Perry, Clarion staff What is it about needle on skin that draws teenagers to mark up their bodies with everlasting images or declarations of love? Is it an overdrive […]

Teenage Love: Fact or Fiction?

By: Savannah Perry, Clarion staff It is a time honored practice, an expectation of sorts for teenagers as they reach their prime. Urged on by the engaging Nickolas Sparks films […]

Leaping Into the New Year

The Need to Know Department By Savannah Perry, Clarion Staff In February, an extra day will be added at the end of the month which means the 2nd month of […]

Trick or Treat: Too old or never old enough?

By Savannah Perry and Maya Vargas, Clarion Staff As high-schoolers, we have reached that awkward age where we want to go out and receive the candy we have been provided since childhood […]