Rent Control Issue Creates Another Political Divide

By Timothy Curry, Clarion Staff There is a current political battle in California over rent control, two words that can be defined as government preventing a tenant’s rent either from being charged above a certain level or from increasing at a rate higher than a predetermined percentage. There are proponents on both sides of the issue. People who support rent control want to help California’s … Continue reading Rent Control Issue Creates Another Political Divide

A Call For Students to Vote in 2018 Midterm Elections

By Timmy Curry, Clarion Staff For those of you who don’t follow politics, a midterm is not a test you take midway through a semester. It’s a Congressional election that takes place in an off year, the election held between presidential elections. The next midterm election occurs this year and there will be a battle between our two major political parties as they compete for … Continue reading A Call For Students to Vote in 2018 Midterm Elections

Girls’ Golf On Par This Season

Timmy Curry, Clarion Staff The women’s golf season has just ended and they finished with some great results. They succeeded this season because they used the skills they gained while being on the team, which are hard work and great team skills. Overall, they made great progress this season and had some great results. Coach Hoag said, “I think the team did good this year.” … Continue reading Girls’ Golf On Par This Season

Congressional Report for March 2017

  by Timmy Curry, Clarion Staff The 115th Congress has only been in office for about three months since January 3, 2017. They have only passed a few bills but some of them are significant to the future of the country. These two bills are to encourage women to get into fields where they are currently underrepresented. The first bill directs NASA to encourage women … Continue reading Congressional Report for March 2017

Donald Trump Part Mexican

By Timothy Curry, Clarion staff Edit:  This is an April Fools’ article written solely for entertainment purposes.  None of the content in this article is true. Donald Trump’s heritage has always been clear with the American public: a son of a wealthy real estate business man who is of many European backgrounds, Scottish being one of them. What is not known of his heritage is … Continue reading Donald Trump Part Mexican

Sacramento 2016 Mayoral Election

By Timothy Curry, Clarion Staff Four mayoral candidates have announced their intent to run in this year’s race, the winner will be decided by Sacramento voters on June 7, 2016.   Angelique Ashby, currently a councilwoman from the North Natomas area was the first to officially enter the race after the current mayor, Kevin Johnson, announced he would not run.   She was elected to her … Continue reading Sacramento 2016 Mayoral Election

Year-round v. Traditional Schools

By Timothy Curry, Clarion Contributor There are several advantages and disadvantages to both traditional schools as well as to year round schools. According to Huffington post “Students in both systems have the same amount of school time 180 days a year.” Let’s begin with the positives for traditional schools. There are several breaks for holidays such as everyone’s favorite break in the summer. Everyone is in … Continue reading Year-round v. Traditional Schools