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Way Back Machine – 30 Years Ago

Vol. 22 No. 4, Feb 1989 By Liliana Lopez, Sections Editor Help!!!: Written by Wilson Wong and Gary Gee, “Help!!!” is a brief story that is written in script form. […]

Fantastical Sciences

By Desiree Leong & Kevin Chen, Clarion Staff Magic has always been around in other worlds, but how much magic each person has in the clan ranges. A small glimpse […]


by Liliana Noemí López, Sections Editor   Window panes are weeping because children Press their noses against them, their breath Fogging up the glass face. They weep when moths throw […]

Minds of Clay

By Emma Shoemaker, Clarion Staff   We grasp for golden rays, peering through criss-crossed cages, yearning to see as a Dragonfly: In this dry desert-   One morning, you told […]

Cougars on The Town

By Andrew Ely, Clarion Staff Sacramento is one of the biggest cities in California, serving as the state’s capital and boasting a population of 500,000 people. As seen, there are […]

Growing Up

By Kimberly Landeck & Desiree Leong, Clarion Staff   Learning to love, One, two, three.   Rattles and lullabies, Tiny fists and feet.   Diapers and binkies, Teething and tantrums […]

Way Back Machine – 50 Years Ago

Vol. 2, No. 2, October 18, 1968 By Adrianna Iorio, Sections Editor Faculty Members Initiate Bike Riding John F. Kennedy staff reverted to their childhood mannerisms to initiate a healthier […]