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Category: FEATURES

Highlights on clubs, students, and staff that help make Kennedy an amazing place.

HALLelujah, Who’s Minding the Halls?

By Xavier Martinez, Clarion Staff Hall monitors play a special role on school campuses.    Of course, they can be helpful in showing you around when you’re new but they are […]

Cougars Feeling the Winter Vibes

By Hana Ruiz, Clarion Staff Dresses, shoes, button up shirts, and music ¾ the John F. Kennedy Winter Vibes dance was an absolute hit for Kennedy attendees. Held in the […]

Winter Guard’s Combined Destiny

By Desiree Leong, Managing Editor A shorter show. Indoors. Performing without the band. The transition from fall to winter is what happens every year after Thanksgiving break for Kennedy’s award-winning […]

6th Period, No Early Release

By Wendy Xiong, Clarion Staff False information has spread among students at John F. Kennedy High School. Many students believe that seniors are no longer getting early release after fifth […]

Kennedy Celebrates 9 New Faculty Members

By Arooba Muqaddar, Clarion Staff With each new school year at John F. Kennedy comes new staff members, each helping to build a successful Kennedy community. This year Kennedy welcomes […]

Crazy Bathroom Passes

By Emma Shoemaker and Jenelle Lum, Clarion Staff   Many Kennedy students may have noticed, teachers around campus are known to have unusual bathroom passes that are available for students […]