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Category: FEATURES

Highlights on clubs, students, and staff that help make Kennedy an amazing place.

Winter Guard’s Combined Destiny

By Desiree Leong, Managing Editor A shorter show. Indoors. Performing without the band. The transition from fall to winter is what happens every year after Thanksgiving break for Kennedy’s award-winning […]

6th Period, No Early Release

By Wendy Xiong, Clarion Staff False information has spread among students at John F. Kennedy High School. Many students believe that seniors are no longer getting early release after fifth […]

Kennedy Celebrates 9 New Faculty Members

By Arooba Muqaddar, Clarion Staff With each new school year at John F. Kennedy comes new staff members, each helping to build a successful Kennedy community. This year Kennedy welcomes […]

Crazy Bathroom Passes

By Emma Shoemaker and Jenelle Lum, Clarion Staff   Many Kennedy students may have noticed, teachers around campus are known to have unusual bathroom passes that are available for students […]

Sticky Maniacs’ Cover Blown

By Xavier Martinez, Clarion Staff Gum is a common snack people have been chewing since 1848. But the satisfaction of chewing gum comes at a price, public places have become […]

Have a Holly Jolly ______

By Liliana Lopez, Copy Editor During the months of November, December, and January, mainstream media often indulges in a plethora of Christmas advertising. From storefronts to television programming, it seems […]

Turning Your Frown Upside Down

By Wendy Xiong, Clarion Staff In 2017, a group of seniors (Cody Mak, Ivy Wang, and Katia Lomeli-Trejo) and juniors (Victoria Chen and Alfonso Navarro) founded Club Smile to provide […]

Kennedy March Band: Measure for Measure

By Liliana Lopez, Copy Editor Whether it’s during halftime at football games, or on Friday’s spirit marches, most students at Kennedy have heard our sensational band perform. Throughout the years, […]

Cougars Seen at Kennedy Library?

By Ethan Vue, Clarion Staff How often do students actually use the library in their free time? In an interview about whether or not the library should be utilized more, […]

Freshmen & Senior Spill the Tea

By Adrianna Iorio, Section Editor On Kennedy’s campus, it is evident that nobody is technically the same. Whether it be a students general interests or the way they dress, the […]

The Sun Also Rises

By Joseph Temblador, Clarion Editor-in-Chief Kennedy’s annual Senior Sunrise is a time for comradery and contemplation, a bastion of things to come, and a reminder that moments are fleeting.  Senior […]