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Category: FEATURES

Highlights on clubs, students, and staff that help make Kennedy an amazing place.

Kennedy Class of 2016 Senior Wills

Collected by Aryanna Zavala and Lisseth Aguilar, clarion staff As the seniors of John F. Kennedy graduate next month, some chose to leave behind their last will and testament. I, […]

Kennedy Students Go Off Script

By Aaron Soliz, Clarion Staff The JFK Improv Club presented an Improv Event on April 27 and May 4. The performance highlighted talented club members Zoe Hinsley, Jasmine Putman, Andrew […]

Art That Will Touch the Heart

By Savannah Vang, Clarion Staff On February 13th, an art auction event titled Hearts for Humanity was hosted by Donald Joseph Inc., an architectural firm in the Land Park area […]

Madame Taylor, Our Own Educator of the Year

By Aaron Soliz and David Yu, Clarion Staff Annually, within several regions in California, the Educator of the Year award is distributed to a teacher, counselor, administrator, or other official […]

Student Spotlight: Aizhamal Manasova

The Story of the Girl Who’s Traveled 7,000 Miles By David Yu, Clarion Staff John F. Kennedy is a diverse high school that hosts a variety of interesting students from […]

Artist Spotlight: Lauren Akabori

By Natassia Aleman-Teweles, Clarion Contributor Lauren Akabori, a senior here at Kennedy, has been chosen November’s Artist Spotlight of the Month.   She started doing art at a young age; her […]

New B-MAD Club

By Makayla Smith and Myiah Murray Clarion Contributors Are you African- American with something to say? B-MAD, which stands for Blacks Making A Difference, is a club that simply doesn’t […]