Kennedy forced into lockdown

A confrontation between staff and parents caused a lockdown during 4th period on October 28. The question of whether or not there were weapons involved caused misconceptions among students.                  According to the Kennedy administration there were no weapons involved, and no arrests were made throughout the conflict as stated by the Sacramento City Unified School District, according to coverage from the Sacramento Bee.  According to … Continue reading Kennedy forced into lockdown

Haitians vs. Del Rio: Racism or fear?

By Gabrielle Ringold, Clarion Staff Reporter A great sum of American citizens can probably agree that America has never been the most “trustworthy” country in the world. Citizens have often seen through social media, like live Instagram and Snapchat stories, that the government makes unreasonable mandates and laws. For example, legalizing marijuana, ending drug tests to get hired at a business, and loose state level … Continue reading Haitians vs. Del Rio: Racism or fear?

Cougars’ views on vaccines

By Tiffany He, Clarion Staff reporter According to Our World in Data (October 12, 2021), 57% of the U.S. population is vaccinated against COVID 19, up from less than 1% in January, two months before the vaccine was more widely available. But as the number increases for people who are vaccinated, opposing public opinions on the vaccine persist, and even intensify. At Kennedy, The Clarion … Continue reading Cougars’ views on vaccines

Club Rush returns as a new year begins

By Seattle Barron, Clarion Arts & Entertainment Editor, with additional reporting and photography by Clarion staff. Crowds gathered; information spread; performers danced; as students participated in Kennedy’s first Club Rush in two years. On Friday, September 24, in the main quad, various groups promoted around 20 clubs for students to join.  In this unique year, there was a big turnout from Kennedy students, with around … Continue reading Club Rush returns as a new year begins

The students’ BIG return

By Jeremy Harris, Clarion staff reporter, and Sarah Loyden, Clarion Copy Editor Kennedy students have returned back to campus. How do students feel about it? When the Clarion interviewed students and staff, some felt more positive about returning to campus and some felt more negatively.  Temarrus Bogan, 11th grade, has positive feelings about coming back to campus and that the timing was good to return.  … Continue reading The students’ BIG return

The Terror of Smoke in Sacramento

By Michel Baez Vargas and JonPaul Yee, Clarion Staff writers Smoke has been an on and off occurrence in the Sacramento area, leading to some days being extremely cloudy from the smoke, and other days having a clear healthy environment. Even so, smoke has affected local high schools, including John F. Kennedy, impacting health and canceling events.  Starting during the beginning of summer, information from … Continue reading The Terror of Smoke in Sacramento

Teacher Spotlight: A Blast From the Past

By Elliot Bren, Clarion Staff Writer This year Kennedy has lots of new students, teachers, and administrators. Elisabeth Johnson in T-2 is one of those teachers, a social studies teacher to be exact. She came to Kennedy this year from Luther Burbank where she taught for 15 years. Ms. Johnson prides herself in her family and being a published author.  She says, “I want the … Continue reading Teacher Spotlight: A Blast From the Past

Preview: First Homecoming game since 2019

By Andres Luevano, Clarion Sports Editor, and Nikole Farina, Clarion Staff Writer One of the most anticipated game to attend every year is back, Kennedy High School is hosting their Homecoming Game against Laguna Creek. Both Junior varsity and Varsity will be playing, looking for a win in their final home game of the season. Kennedy’s Junior Varsity record is 3-4 and Varsity is 2-6.  … Continue reading Preview: First Homecoming game since 2019