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Wayback Machine – November 26, 1986

From Kennedy Clarion, Vol. 20, No. 4 By Adrianna Iorio Indoor Swimming At Kennedy On October 24th, 1986 an unknown vandal flooded Kennedy’s main gym. The Sacramento Recreation Department issued […]

Link Crew Brings Students Back Together at JFK

By Saeri Plagmann, Features Editor During her freshman year, Sariyah Williams, current senior at John F. Kennedy High School, experienced what people call the “Freshmen Blues.” “I had no idea […]

Holiday of the Week: Learn a Word Day

By Cynthia Dominguez, Opinions Editor Out of countless holidays, few provide the same amount of useless information as Learn a New Word Day. Annually observed on October 16th, the holiday […]

Holiday of the Week: National Noodle Day

By Brandan Wong, Clarion Staff Throughout the history of mankind’s existence, humanity was capable of creating many different varieties of cut pieces of dough served hot in the form otherwise […]

CSF Breaks New Membership Record

By Valentina Duong, Creative Director With 120 first-time members, Kennedy’s California Scholarship Federation (CSF) club broke their all-time record of applicants this spring semester, bringing their total membership to 251 […]

Seniors Celebrate the End of the School Year

By Dominic J Larsen, News Editor The 2016-2017 school year has flown by, and it’s not done yet. With summer vacation approaching, students are stressing about everything from projects and […]

Kennedy’s Very Own Elites

By Saeri Plagmann, Clarion Staff What you will do after high school is a major decision most of us begin to dread as our high school career comes to an […]