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Category: OPINION

Op-ed pieces from The Clarion staff and also from readers like you. Opinion pieces reflect the views of individuals and not The Clarion or JFK High School as a whole.

Social Media Is Actually Bad

By Saeri Plagmann, Clarion Staff John F. Kennedy High School is home to over 2,000 students who go about their daily lives, influenced by social media in some shape or […]

Homework, the Cause of Teenage Stress?

By Aryanna Zavala, Clarion Staff Stress, the word that so many teenagers use to describe what they are feeling. Teenagers today have so many things to worry about, from sports to […]

2017 is No Time for Sexist Comments

By Samantha Johnson, Clarion Staff “The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it. ” – Roseanne Barr Since the beginning of civilization, […]

Oh Say Can You Knee

By Matiana Tepa, Features Editor On September 1 this year, the San Francisco 49ers played against the San Diego Chargers at the Qualcomm Stadium. While a naval officer sang the […]

Weed, Will Mess with Your Mind

By Johnathon Hicke-Fox, Clarion Staff Marijuana and cannabis should not be legal (unless used for medicinal purposes) because of mental health issues, public safety issues, and negtaive effects on someone’s […]

Expand Your Horizons

By Maya Vargas, Clarion Staff Literally Everyone: “What do you want to be when you grow up? You as an emerging young adult: “Well…” For some, the answer to this […]

Tats for Teens

By Savannah Perry, Clarion staff What is it about needle on skin that draws teenagers to mark up their bodies with everlasting images or declarations of love? Is it an overdrive […]

Teen Trap: Young Love

By David Yu, Copy Editor The concept of teenage love is everywhere in today’s culture. From books and movies, such as John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, to music, […]

Teenage Love: Fact or Fiction?

By: Savannah Perry, Clarion staff It is a time honored practice, an expectation of sorts for teenagers as they reach their prime. Urged on by the engaging Nickolas Sparks films […]