Spiking Their Way to the End

By Adrianna Iorio, Clarion Staff Kennedy’s varsity men’s volleyball team displayed teamwork and perseverance this season. Through hard competitors and a small roster, they placed first in the Metro League standings, scoring a record of 13-1. In comparison to the 2016 season, the team members showed significant improvements where they placed second with a league score of 11-2 under their toughest competition, Burbank. Seniors Sam … Continue reading Spiking Their Way to the End

Lady Cougars Dribble Into the Spotlight

By Dominic J Larsen & Timmy Curry, Clarion Staff Kennedy’s Female Basketball teams have had a season filled with varied result, playing the game to the best of their ability. Varsity has had an overall record of 7-12, with the Metro League score coming out to an even 4-4. Our lady cougars performed at their peak when matched against Laguna Creek, dominating the court with … Continue reading Lady Cougars Dribble Into the Spotlight