Last Will & Testament from Class of 2018

I, Katelyn Yang, will my younger brother, Alex, and younger sister, Natalyn, to continue to pursue your dream despite what the adults may say and to be always kind and compassionate to everyone you meet. I, Ivy Wang, will my blood, bruises, scrapes, and tears to my hurdle babies. May all this pain bring forth new PRs and even more growth. Most importantly, I will … Continue reading Last Will & Testament from Class of 2018

Clarion Editors 2018 Reflections

Christopher Wong, Chief Editor Two years, nine months, and seven days ago, I finished preparations in the dark of night for recruitment for a new club. At orientation, I waited out in front of the G wing quad behind a table with a sign urging people to join the school newspaper, the Kennedy Clarion. A few weeks later, still mostly in the dark on how … Continue reading Clarion Editors 2018 Reflections