Farewell Starbucks

By Caeli Kara, Coughy Liquidator Farewell to my joy, the coffee lover’s usual. Available on almost every street, and every corner, Starbucks, a worldwide coffee chain could be possibly shut down in America entirely. Of course the nation’s leader would be responsible for the liquidation of Starbucks. It was Trump’s idea, as he threatened to close down all chains across the nation to gain more control over consumers in … Continue reading Farewell Starbucks

Education Under the Trump Administration

By Cynthia Dominguez, Clarion Staff Throughout the course of the recent Presidential election, the general consensus among the public was that the next four years would be unpredictable regardless of the income level. Leading up to the election, millennials active on social media outpoured support for Senator Bernie Sanders, yet the winner of the election happened to be the opposite of Sanders. Most young adults … Continue reading Education Under the Trump Administration

Opinion: What Donald Trump’s Being President-Elect Means For America

by Ariyah Armstrong, Clarion Staff The result of the 2016 U.S. Election is probably the most appalling thing I have ever witnessed while being on planet Earth for fourteen and a half years. Donald Trump, the American businessman, founder of Trump University and Trump Hotels, the main face and ambassador of the phrase, “You’re Fired!” had just won America’s vote to become the 45th president … Continue reading Opinion: What Donald Trump’s Being President-Elect Means For America