In This (T)issue

By Adrianna Iorio, Editor-in-Chief and Lilianna Lopez, News & Opinions Editor Are you tired of waking up in the morning and smelling the sweet symphony of spring pollen? Allergy relief medicines that don’t work? Try the Claritin! We offer some spicy spiced tea that you won’t find anywhere else this side of Pocket (including T4. We got y’all beat). We at the Claritin want to … Continue reading In This (T)issue

In this Issue (March 31 & April 1)

By Topher Rong, Italian Noodle Expert This issue, The Kennedy Clarion is proud to announce its new sponsorship, Claritin. With this, the newspaper will be rebranded as The Kennedy Claritin, which is fitting because a notable portion of the student body already confuses “Clarion” and “Claritin.” The newspaper will also feature a new slogan, “Loud and Claritin Clear.” We hope you read the April 1st edition and … Continue reading In this Issue (March 31 & April 1)