Sacramento Updates its Sales Tax Rates

By Sid Slesicki, Clarion Staff Whether on billboards or someone’s front lawn, the barrage of advertisements in favor of or against Measure U caught the attention of many Sacramento locals. For some students this was a familiar sight, but for those who have no idea what was behind the storm of fliers and advertisements, this might be a head-scratcher. So what exactly is Measure U, … Continue reading Sacramento Updates its Sales Tax Rates

Freshmen & Senior Spill the Tea

By Adrianna Iorio, Section Editor On Kennedy’s campus, it is evident that nobody is technically the same. Whether it be a students general interests or the way they dress, the different characteristics each student obtains makes them unique and distinct from one and other. Gianna Sison, a freshman, and Bernadette Tropel, a senior, were asked to answer questions regarding their hobbies, life goals, and various … Continue reading Freshmen & Senior Spill the Tea

ELECTION WATCH: Pajama Politics

By Joseph Temblador, Editor-in-Chief In the coming weeks, many Kennedy students, particularly those more involved in the finer points of state and national politics might notice their email spam seemingly overflowing with messages of varying political discourse, for this serves as a reminder that the Midterms are upon us. The 2018 House and Senate races are poised to spell a decisive year for Democrats and … Continue reading ELECTION WATCH: Pajama Politics

Last Will & Testament from Class of 2018

I, Katelyn Yang, will my younger brother, Alex, and younger sister, Natalyn, to continue to pursue your dream despite what the adults may say and to be always kind and compassionate to everyone you meet. I, Ivy Wang, will my blood, bruises, scrapes, and tears to my hurdle babies. May all this pain bring forth new PRs and even more growth. Most importantly, I will … Continue reading Last Will & Testament from Class of 2018

Clarion Poetry: Pieces of You

By Makayla Smith, Clarion Staff Every part of you is like a puzzle You always find out missing pieces as you grow The older you get, the more you learn That those pieces you’ve found in you took time You may make mistakes Mistakes that you wish you could take back You realize everything happens for a reason And those missing pieces are yet to … Continue reading Clarion Poetry: Pieces of You

Way Back Machine – 35 Years Ago

Vol. 16 No. 13, May 27, 1983 By Saeri Plagmann, Features Editor   Successful African American Students Recognized by Fraternities The Epsilon XI Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity sponsored their sixth annual awards banquet to recognize and award graduating black seniors who have made significant accomplishments throughout their high school career. Students from all 21 high schools in the greater Sacramento area have … Continue reading Way Back Machine – 35 Years Ago

Senior Project Promotes Free Access to Literature

  By Zoe Le, Clarion Staff With the rush around and hustle of life, it can be difficult to find easy ways to take a break and relax. One of the most common relaxing pastimes is sitting down with a good book for a few hours.   Modern technology allows people to easily look up and read just about any book they want to at … Continue reading Senior Project Promotes Free Access to Literature