JFK’s Traffic is Utter “Car”mageddon

By Brandan Wong, Clarion Staff Every school day, Gloria Drive is congested with the hundreds of parent and student drivers. But we have some serious problems with the etiquette many of these “liscenced” drivers have. This issue has risen to be mainly an issue for the student driving community at JFK. The following flaws regarding school traffic are complaints given by various students.   No … Continue reading JFK’s Traffic is Utter “Car”mageddon

Way Back Machine – 35 Years Ago

Vol. 16 No. 13, May 27, 1983 By Saeri Plagmann, Features Editor   Successful African American Students Recognized by Fraternities The Epsilon XI Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity sponsored their sixth annual awards banquet to recognize and award graduating black seniors who have made significant accomplishments throughout their high school career. Students from all 21 high schools in the greater Sacramento area have … Continue reading Way Back Machine – 35 Years Ago

Students Get Active In Response to Evac

By Sophia O’Neal, Clarion Staff The recent evacuation on Friday, March 16 raised a lot of questions for many students, parents and faculty about Kennedy’s emergency plans and procedures. There is no set protocol for events, but there absolutely should be. Due to the recent shooting and bomb threats, the Kennedy student body has been really shaken up and demand answers and a sounder plan … Continue reading Students Get Active In Response to Evac