Tropel Recites Her Way to Victory

By Arooba Muqaddor, Clarion Staff Just before winter break in late 2018 in the school auditorium, Bernie Tropel (Class of 2019) won first place out of 60 contestants in Poetry Out Loud, a national poetry contest, for her recitation of the poem, “Undivided Attention.” The 10th annual competition began with students from English classes filling the John F. Kennedy Auditorium; over the course of four … Continue reading Tropel Recites Her Way to Victory


by Liliana Noemí López, Sections Editor   Window panes are weeping because children Press their noses against them, their breath Fogging up the glass face. They weep when moths throw themselves Against their cold glass countenance again and again: Maybe if they just got out in the rain the watercolors, The palette of God would bleed into their lifeless wings. Window panes are what separate … Continue reading Rain

Growing Up

By Kimberly Landeck & Desiree Leong, Clarion Staff   Learning to love, One, two, three.   Rattles and lullabies, Tiny fists and feet.   Diapers and binkies, Teething and tantrums meet.   Learning to walk, One, two, three.   First words and first friends, Dreaming of a future bestowing. Crayons and construction paper, Bedtime stories and imaginations ever growing.   Fairy tales and tiaras, Superheroes … Continue reading Growing Up

Clarion Poetry: Pieces of You

By Makayla Smith, Clarion Staff Every part of you is like a puzzle You always find out missing pieces as you grow The older you get, the more you learn That those pieces you’ve found in you took time You may make mistakes Mistakes that you wish you could take back You realize everything happens for a reason And those missing pieces are yet to … Continue reading Clarion Poetry: Pieces of You

A Poem: Springtime

 by Desiree Leong, Clarion Staff   Birds fluttered around, Young children giggled.   The sky blanketed everything blue, The clouds floated everywhere, little puffs.   Flowers peeked out between strands of grass, Animals darted here and there to safety.   The slight breeze hugged people and animals alike, The bright sun cascaded warmth far and wide.   New beginnings resounded with hope, Cherished past forever … Continue reading A Poem: Springtime

Kennedy Students Unite to Recite Poetry

By Jianna Beasley, Clarion Staff   John F. Kennedy High School’s annual Poetry Out Loud competition for 2017-2018 between all grade levels took place in the auditorium during the morning classes on Wednesday, December 20, 2017. There, students’ English classes were invited to enjoy the performance of poetry by fellow students and cheer them on as they competed for a chance to represent the school. … Continue reading Kennedy Students Unite to Recite Poetry

Who am I?

By Desiree Leong, Clarion Staff Who are you? Who am I?   I’m hopeful, I’m hanging on.   I’m struggling, I’m still trying.   I’m loved, I’m letting go.   I’m making mistakes, I’m moving on.   I’m hurt, I’m healing.   I’m remembering the past, I’m reminded of what I’ve gone through.   I’m thankful, I’m thinking of those who have been there for … Continue reading Who am I?