Tropel Recites Her Way to Victory

By Arooba Muqaddor, Clarion Staff Just before winter break in late 2018 in the school auditorium, Bernie Tropel (Class of 2019) won first place out of 60 contestants in Poetry Out Loud, a national poetry contest, for her recitation of the poem, “Undivided Attention.” The 10th annual competition began with students from English classes filling the John F. Kennedy Auditorium; over the course of four … Continue reading Tropel Recites Her Way to Victory

Kennedy Students Unite to Recite Poetry

By Jianna Beasley, Clarion Staff   John F. Kennedy High School’s annual Poetry Out Loud competition for 2017-2018 between all grade levels took place in the auditorium during the morning classes on Wednesday, December 20, 2017. There, students’ English classes were invited to enjoy the performance of poetry by fellow students and cheer them on as they competed for a chance to represent the school. … Continue reading Kennedy Students Unite to Recite Poetry

Students’ Poetry Excites, as They Recite

By Alex Ng, Chief Photographer Kennedy has always demonstrated exemplary talent in the national poetry competition, Poetry Out Loud. Ramona Sovereign in 2011-2012, Henry Molina in 2012-2013, Jibril Kyser in 2013-2014, Alena Dillon in 2014-2015, and Kaitlyn Kui in 2015-2016 moved on from the school competition to compete against numerous students from other schools around the area. This year’s school-wide competition at Kennedy showed no … Continue reading Students’ Poetry Excites, as They Recite

Kaitlyn Kui Mesmerizes Again

By Christopher Wong, Chief Editor Poetry has a special ability to captivate you and speak to the mind no matter how many times you hear it, just how Kaitlyn Kui has managed to deliver an astonishing performance again in the county-level Poetry Out Loud competition. The competition was held on February 4 at Rosemont High School. The stakes were even higher this time, as there were … Continue reading Kaitlyn Kui Mesmerizes Again

Poetry Out Loud Winners Chosen

By Aryanna Zavala and Katie Albert, Clarion Staff Every year, John F. Kennedy High School holds a Poetry Out Loud (POL) competition with students from all grades participating. The 2015-2016 contest was held on December 17 in the JFK auditorium with students chosen by their English teacher after in-class competition.   The top finisher in the competition was Kaitlyn Kui, a sophomore who delivered the poem … Continue reading Poetry Out Loud Winners Chosen