Have a Holly Jolly ______

By Liliana Lopez, Copy Editor During the months of November, December, and January, mainstream media often indulges in a plethora of Christmas advertising. From storefronts to television programming, it seems as if the whole nation is having themselves “. . . a Merry Little Christmas”. Amidst all of this celebration, it can be easy to forget about those in the U.S. who participate in other … Continue reading Have a Holly Jolly ______

Cougars on The Town

By Andrew Ely, Clarion Staff Sacramento is one of the biggest cities in California, serving as the state’s capital and boasting a population of 500,000 people. As seen, there are unique ways to enjoy the city. So if you plan to tour or stay in the City of Sacramento here are some things that you don’t want to miss. Festivals Sacramento has an array of … Continue reading Cougars on The Town

Waving Goodbye to the surf team

By Karissa Jones, Claritin Staff The Kennedy surf team has had a terrible year so far this season. For the first time since the drought of 2016, the team of rad dudes and dudettes is unable to compete in the Metro League. The rough start is causing the athletes to worry for their performance at the 2019 World Surf League Championship Tour, which will decide … Continue reading Waving Goodbye to the surf team

Sacramento 2016 Mayoral Election

By Timothy Curry, Clarion Staff Four mayoral candidates have announced their intent to run in this year’s race, the winner will be decided by Sacramento voters on June 7, 2016.   Angelique Ashby, currently a councilwoman from the North Natomas area was the first to officially enter the race after the current mayor, Kevin Johnson, announced he would not run.   She was elected to her … Continue reading Sacramento 2016 Mayoral Election

The Clarion Wayback Machine: 40 years ago

Published in the Kennedy Clarion, November 7, 1975 Band-Aids planned (actual headline) Kennedy student government approved two fundraising events for the Kennedy Marching Band and Color Guard. Besides performing before school and sections of the band performing during the day on the Quad where they sold buttons, patches and hats; the band also held a one-time event called “Carna-Gram Day” where students sent carnations with … Continue reading The Clarion Wayback Machine: 40 years ago