Clarion Editors 2018 Reflections

Christopher Wong, Chief Editor Two years, nine months, and seven days ago, I finished preparations in the dark of night for recruitment for a new club. At orientation, I waited out in front of the G wing quad behind a table with a sign urging people to join the school newspaper, the Kennedy Clarion. A few weeks later, still mostly in the dark on how … Continue reading Clarion Editors 2018 Reflections

Clarion Staff Collect Multiple Awards at Annual Journalism Event

By Adrianna Iorio, Clarion Staff On May 9th, nine members of the Clarion staff attended the 7th Annual Journalism Awards Dinner hosted by the Sacramento High School Journalism Network at (SCOE) Sacramento County Office of Education Conference Center. At the event, John F. Kennedy students received a total of ten individual awards, two more than last year and more than any other high school. The … Continue reading Clarion Staff Collect Multiple Awards at Annual Journalism Event

In this Issue (March 31 & April 1)

By Topher Rong, Italian Noodle Expert This issue, The Kennedy Clarion is proud to announce its new sponsorship, Claritin. With this, the newspaper will be rebranded as The Kennedy Claritin, which is fitting because a notable portion of the student body already confuses “Clarion” and “Claritin.” The newspaper will also feature a new slogan, “Loud and Claritin Clear.” We hope you read the April 1st edition and … Continue reading In this Issue (March 31 & April 1)

Kennedy Clarion Distributed on Campus Oct 21

The first issue for the 2016-2017 school year was distributed on campus on October 21. Breanna Thomas, Clarion Staff, photographed an unidentified Kennedy student taking a newspaper out of one of the Clarion’s two news boxes on campus. Pick up the current issue at news boxes (in front of Auditorium and Counseling Office) and also on news racks located in the Kennedy Library, Administrative Office and Room B12. Continue reading Kennedy Clarion Distributed on Campus Oct 21

The Clarion: Loud and Clear Returning Year

By Christopher Wong, Editor in chief clarion (adj.)- loud and clear It’s hard to believe this has been the first year we finally have the school newspaper. The revival was by no means easy and looking back on this year shows just how far the program has come. I have already discussed how the school newspaper came to be in a previous issue, but as … Continue reading The Clarion: Loud and Clear Returning Year

The Clarion’s Website Opens!

  Welcome to the Kennedy Clarion’s website! It’s hard to believe the school newspaper already has its own website! This is a huge milestone for the paper, and we hope that you continue to be a part of the revival of the school’s main media outlet. Check back to the website often for the latest news, reviews, and other happenings. We’ll have polls, updates on … Continue reading The Clarion’s Website Opens!

The Clarion Wayback Machine: 40 years ago

Published in the Kennedy Clarion, November 7, 1975 Band-Aids planned (actual headline) Kennedy student government approved two fundraising events for the Kennedy Marching Band and Color Guard. Besides performing before school and sections of the band performing during the day on the Quad where they sold buttons, patches and hats; the band also held a one-time event called “Carna-Gram Day” where students sent carnations with … Continue reading The Clarion Wayback Machine: 40 years ago