Can Humanities STEM Job Security?

By Sid Slesicki and Liliana López, Clarion Staff STEM Majors If you’re a senior or junior, chances are you’ve been contemplating the next stage of your education – more specifically, college. With it comes the (sometimes) stressful decision of picking a major. This is undoubtedly the hardest, most influential choice of your life that will dictate your success, your social standing, college experiences, and that … Continue reading Can Humanities STEM Job Security?

The Future Starts with MESA

By Saeri Plagmann, Features Editor Reaching an all-time high of 49 members this year, the Kennedy MESA program basked in their glory after five students placed at the MESA Day preliminaries held at UC Davis in March, making it to the regional competition on April 28 at California State University, East Bay. Of the five Kennedy students, junior pair Leeann Lee and Victoria Chen earned … Continue reading The Future Starts with MESA

Club Highlight: MESA is Not Plain

By Eddie Rodrigues, Clarion Staff Have you ever wondered who makes and designs those amazing robots and structures displayed at school events and around campus? The Kennedy club MESA, Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement is responsible for it all.  The club is led by Ms. Henry, the advisor and a science instructor and also by the club president, Francis Feng (11). MESA gives students an amazing … Continue reading Club Highlight: MESA is Not Plain

5 Senses or More?

By Crystal Chan, Clarion staff As most of us know, humans have the five senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. Using these senses, they transfer information from our surroundings to our brain, which processes this new information. However, the principle of the five senses which came from Aristotle’s On the Soul (De Anima) does not cover all of the senses that humans have. In fact, researchers … Continue reading 5 Senses or More?

New Species Discovered

By Zoe Le, Clarion Staff As 2015 came to a close, many people took time to reflect on what had happened throughout the year. Resolutions were made, movies were released, and Kanye West making a fool of himself went viral yet again. However, there is one frequently overlooked area of accomplishment that was achieved during this past year; the numerous new species of animals that … Continue reading New Species Discovered