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Student Support Center accessible to struggling Cougars

By Kaleb Adams, Clarion Staff Writter For students in need of assistance throughout the school year, John F. Kennedy High School has implemented a Student Support Center that provides services like mental health support as well as supplies for students and parents in need. If teens need help with handling bullying or simply just need someone to talk to, the center is open during school … Continue reading Student Support Center accessible to struggling Cougars

Cougars’ views on vaccines

By Tiffany He, Clarion Staff reporter According to Our World in Data (October 12, 2021), 57% of the U.S. population is vaccinated against COVID 19, up from less than 1% in January, two months before the vaccine was more widely available. But as the number increases for people who are vaccinated, opposing public opinions on the vaccine persist, and even intensify. At Kennedy, The Clarion … Continue reading Cougars’ views on vaccines

Learning Or Memorizing

By Kevin Chen, Clarion Staff Learning and memorizing are often categorized together; they are both required to promote academic growth. Learning provides the ability to understand and memorize, but memorization is merely the action of storing certain bits of information. While both can yield results in the school grading system, students as a whole seem to lean towards memorizing required knowledge. Memorization usually consists of … Continue reading Learning Or Memorizing

ELECTION WATCH Does Our Divided Nation Make Kennedy a Divided Campus?

By Adrianna Iorio, Sections Editor Lately, for most us, it seems as if the United States isn’t united at all. Due to recent events, our nation is seemingly divided by what political party we vote for or what morals we identify with. Acts such as not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance or seeing eye-to-eye with our president’s decision-making have proven to make a profound … Continue reading ELECTION WATCH Does Our Divided Nation Make Kennedy a Divided Campus?

“Hello Kennedy Passengers, This is Your Captain Speaking…”

By Parker Scarpa, Clarion Staff “If I do my job right, I can change the trajectory of your day,” says school announcer and Ellis Penn (class of 2019) when discussing the importance of the morning announcements in student life. The announcements provide useful information about school activities, new clubs, and local events for Kennedy students. Like the Pledge of Allegiance, the announcements are a staple … Continue reading “Hello Kennedy Passengers, This is Your Captain Speaking…”

Cougars Seen at Kennedy Library?

By Ethan Vue, Clarion Staff How often do students actually use the library in their free time? In an interview about whether or not the library should be utilized more, Mr. Danilo Campos stated, “During lunchtime I have about 40-50 kids in the library, doing various activities from computers, homework, reading, or socializing.” He enjoys having students in the library as he knows that the … Continue reading Cougars Seen at Kennedy Library?

Kennedy Drama Productions: Where’s The Money?

By Arooba Muqaddar, Clarion Staff Not long ago, flyers around JFK’s doors and windows announced auditions for the Stephen King themed Kennedy High School Drama Production. Sadly, however, the production has been cancelled due to lack of funds. This program serves as a great way for students to dress up, act, and have fun with other students interested in performing; it also develops public speaking … Continue reading Kennedy Drama Productions: Where’s The Money?

JFK’s Traffic is Utter “Car”mageddon

By Brandan Wong, Clarion Staff Every school day, Gloria Drive is congested with the hundreds of parent and student drivers. But we have some serious problems with the etiquette many of these “liscenced” drivers have. This issue has risen to be mainly an issue for the student driving community at JFK. The following flaws regarding school traffic are complaints given by various students.   No … Continue reading JFK’s Traffic is Utter “Car”mageddon