A Short Story: Lily, My Love

By Joe Temblador, Clarion Staff The snow fell languidly to the ground, as though God were dropping powdered sugar from the golden arches of heaven, glazing these worn country fields in a sweetness that coats the tongue, and cleanses the heart, and because the morning was still early this immaculately undisturbed scene was not yet desecrated by the inevitable destructive power of time. Inside a … Continue reading A Short Story: Lily, My Love

A Poem: Springtime

 by Desiree Leong, Clarion Staff   Birds fluttered around, Young children giggled.   The sky blanketed everything blue, The clouds floated everywhere, little puffs.   Flowers peeked out between strands of grass, Animals darted here and there to safety.   The slight breeze hugged people and animals alike, The bright sun cascaded warmth far and wide.   New beginnings resounded with hope, Cherished past forever … Continue reading A Poem: Springtime