Winter Ball Steals the Night

By Savannah Vang, Clarion staff Over the President’s day weekend, students were able to enjoy themselves at the Winter Ball held February 13 at Library Galleria in Downtown Sacramento.  Many students had a great time with their friends dancing, talking and having photos taken at the photo booth. Couples had a great time dancing, spending time with each other, and getting couple photos by the … Continue reading Winter Ball Steals the Night

Teen Trap: Young Love

By David Yu, Copy Editor The concept of teenage love is everywhere in today’s culture. From books and movies, such as John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, to music, such as Justin Bieber’s Baby there really is no medium that hasn’t featured teenage love at least once. However, teenage love is overrated and often times outright irresponsible. The most famous example of this is … Continue reading Teen Trap: Young Love

Teenage Love: Fact or Fiction?

By: Savannah Perry, Clarion staff It is a time honored practice, an expectation of sorts for teenagers as they reach their prime. Urged on by the engaging Nickolas Sparks films and the frilly love stories blanketing Barnes and Noble like a safety blanket, teenage love is a time honored tradition that has been supported by generations, each reminiscing over their epic summer romance or their … Continue reading Teenage Love: Fact or Fiction?