Hurricane Matthew Ravages the Caribbean and Atlantic Coast

By Dominic J Larsen, Clarion Staff Hurricane Matthew is one of the fiercest cyclones to hit the Caribbean and United States in nearly a decade. On September 28, the small tropical storm was categorized as a Category 3 storm (111-130mph) and entered Greater Antilles. Once there, Hurricane Matthew pounded the island nations of Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and many other smaller populated islands. The … Continue reading Hurricane Matthew Ravages the Caribbean and Atlantic Coast

Bombing in Brussels

By David Yu, Copy Editor On the morning of March 22nd, three coordinated suicide bombings occurred in the city of Brussels, Belgium: two at Brussels airport and one at a metro station. In the span of an hour, the attacks claimed thirty-one lives and injured three hundred thirty others. Several hours later, Belgian authorities discovered another bomb in Brussels airport. Fortunately, Belgian authorities handled it … Continue reading Bombing in Brussels