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Category: OPINION

Op-ed pieces from The Clarion staff and also from readers like you. Opinion pieces reflect the views of individuals and not The Clarion or JFK High School as a whole.

ELECTION WATCH: Pajama Politics

By Joseph Temblador, Editor-in-Chief In the coming weeks, many Kennedy students, particularly those more involved in the finer points of state and national politics might notice their email spam seemingly […]


By Sid Slesicki and Hana Ruiz, Clarion Staff Introduction More likely than not, you have heard the controversy of Nike Corporation’s latest advertising campaign, which depicts renowned athletes including LeBron […]

JFK’s Traffic is Utter “Car”mageddon

By Brandan Wong, Clarion Staff Every school day, Gloria Drive is congested with the hundreds of parent and student drivers. But we have some serious problems with the etiquette many […]

Clarion Editors 2018 Reflections

Christopher Wong, Chief Editor Two years, nine months, and seven days ago, I finished preparations in the dark of night for recruitment for a new club. At orientation, I waited […]

10 ways to defeat Senioritis

By Karissa Jones and Jianna Beasley, Clarion Staff Many high school students have been struggling to find motivation, have become careless, and have lost the will to learn. The culprit […]

Observations on the Evacuation

By Christopher Wong, Chief Editor “Try not to mention the bomb threat,” a Link Crew member instructed the student performers for the Cougar Day middle school rally, in which middle […]

What I Would Like To See On JFK Campus

By Makayla Smith, Clarion Staff As I walked through the campus every day, I never really paid attention to what JFK offered to all of our students at school. With […]

Unblocking Artist’s Block

By Valentina Duong, Creative Director Many artists often have had their fair share of a normal, but annoying condition commonly known as artist’s block, or art block. Being unable to […]

Social Media & Dating: Swiping Left

By Aryanna Zavala, Clarion Staff Ghosting, catfishing and other terms can be used to describe the negative effects of meeting and dating someone from social media. The dating scene in […]

The Effects of Social Media and the Internet

By Matiana Tepa, Clarion Staff This generation has been dubbed as the “millennials” because it is mostly full of tech-savvy individuals. Campus Technology, a higher education technology magazine, said that […]