Basketball in the Back

By Antonio Napoleon, Clarion Staff Reporter The back of the school, by the gym and T-wing, is where the basketball courts are and they aren’t used during lunch. I have been wondering since the first day of school, why aren’t we allowed in the back? I know I’m not the only one who wants to know why we can’t be back there because I’m not … Continue reading Basketball in the Back

Cougars Seen at Kennedy Library?

By Ethan Vue, Clarion Staff How often do students actually use the library in their free time? In an interview about whether or not the library should be utilized more, Mr. Danilo Campos stated, “During lunchtime I have about 40-50 kids in the library, doing various activities from computers, homework, reading, or socializing.” He enjoys having students in the library as he knows that the … Continue reading Cougars Seen at Kennedy Library?

The Misconception of the School Lunch at JFK

By Saeri Plagmann and Jazmin Flemmer, Clarion Staff Why is it that a majority of students, teachers, and even parents have the mindset that school lunches are unappealing? Many suspect the food is defrosted from packages, lacks nutrition as well as flavor, and is never served fresh. This misconception is common in schools, and students who do not eat school lunches are contributing to this … Continue reading The Misconception of the School Lunch at JFK