Basketball in the Back

By Antonio Napoleon, Clarion Staff Reporter The back of the school, by the gym and T-wing, is where the basketball courts are and they aren’t used during lunch. I have been wondering since the first day of school, why aren’t we allowed in the back? I know I’m not the only one who wants to know why we can’t be back there because I’m not … Continue reading Basketball in the Back

Way Back Machine – 50 Years Ago

February 16, 1968 Volume 1 No. 4 By Sophia O’Neal, Clarion Staff   Senator Kennedy Invited to Dedication The Kennedy student body and faculty came together to celebrate the one year anniversary of the school’s dedication, May 26th. The date came shortly before the birthday of late president and school namesake, John F. Kennedy. The Native Daughters of California organization headed the ceremonies, with Lt. … Continue reading Way Back Machine – 50 Years Ago

The Double Dribble of Music and Basketball

By Saeri Plagmann, Features Editor Making his way into John F Kennedy High School’s auditorium, the Sacramento Kings basketball player, Vince Carter, was welcomed by the Kennedy Marching Band on Monday, December 11, 2017. Kennedy is renown for its marching band, which won sweepstakes in several regional competitions and will be heading to Washington D.C. to perform at the end of the school year.   Carter, … Continue reading The Double Dribble of Music and Basketball

Johnson Warriors sent back to Boot Camp by the Lady Cougars Basketball Team

By Christopher Wong, Chief Editor Last Friday, January 20th, Kennedy’s women’s basketball teams demolished Hiram Johnson’s team with a score of 57-25. The game was not unusual for team captain Allie Umemoto, one of the team’s two seniors. “It was a game that we just had had to get the job done, nothing too exciting”, she stated in an interview. However, she added that the … Continue reading Johnson Warriors sent back to Boot Camp by the Lady Cougars Basketball Team

Hoopsters Prevail in Friday 13th Contest Against Rival

By Katelyn Yang, Clarion Staff On Friday, January 13, Kennedy boys basketball teams played three home games against rival school, McClatchy. The Kennedy teams at all three levels played amazingly, showing how hard they’ve worked to be as good as they are now, and will only continue to improve as the season progresses.   The winning scores were freshman 42-37, junior varsity 75-47, and varsity 62-54. … Continue reading Hoopsters Prevail in Friday 13th Contest Against Rival

Zero Gravity Basketballers Soar

By Irene Lai, Clarion Staff On Friday night, January 22, Kennedy’s varsity squad soared to a crushing overtime victory 65-53 over Burbank on the Cougars home court.    Led by Senior Khari Hutt, the Cougars showed little doubt they would lose the game to Burbank, satisfying the screaming and cheering  supporters in the packed gym. “I felt good about winning because Burbank forced the overtime but … Continue reading Zero Gravity Basketballers Soar